Bored ? List of productive things to do this quarantine.

Life right now is tough for everyone. Being in quarantine is a new experience and it is affecting our mental health. This lockdown period has given us more time on our hands than we’ve ever had.  There is so much time and nothing to do or we can say no motivation to do anything. quarantine

We have never known a life where going out for groceries is only escape from home. But this is for the best , so it’s better to adjust to this new reality.

Instead of focusing on things what you can’t do during this  quarantine, here’s the list of things you’ll love to do.

1. Go get a good sleep quarantine

It is difficult to get required 7-8 hours sleep because of our tight schedules. This is the time to catch up on all            that sleep you have missed because of those early morning classes or work shifts. So sleep as much as you can.


2. Read that book you’ve been putting off

Everyone always seems to be complaining that they don’t have enough time to read. We have that opportunity              now. It’s time to rub off the dust from all the books you’ve been collecting and start reading. Books exercise                  the brain, build our vocabularies, lowers stress and also enhances the imagination.

3. Enroll in a new online course

It’s the best way to make use of this quarantine and fill in the gaps in your resume. There are many courses                  you can learn online like digital marketing, video editing, photography or learn a new language. Internshala,                Coursera, Udemy or are some websites which provide online courses.

4. Start a new hobby

Try your hands at something new and keep yourself busy. You never know, you may have some hidden talent. Try dance, art, cooking, calligraphy, yoga, learn an instrument, or anything you like. Here’s the list of some hobbies you can try.


5. Indoor Workout   quarantine

It is a golden chance for you to wake up at your own time yet release some endorphins and give your body a good stretch. It’s important to  keep your mind and body fit this time to increase your immunity and fight this virus.

6. Meditate

Meditation will help you to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and anxiety.  It will also help you to keep your mind and thoughts in control. You don’t need to spend hours and hours sitting in one position, you just need 15-30 minutes of silence from your day.

7. Get Artistic

We often find ourselves scribbling on the last pages of our notebook. You can doodle in a sketchpad or start painting on a canvas. Or go a step further and make something fancy and creative from all the unwanted material of the house like used CD’s , handkerchiefs, used bottles, old T-shirts or bed sheets. It’s time to bring out the hidden artist. So start something creative now.


8. Keep a Journal

This can be difficult for some but start to pen down your thoughts. Keep a track of your thoughts, activities and learning is always a good idea.  Think of any uncomplicated topic like your childhood memories or anything imaginary or write a letter to your future self. You can do this on your computer, mobile or even better in a diary.

9. Create your own Personal  Development Plan

Work to improve your personal and professional situation. Jot down your goals. This is the best time to self analyze yourself and know where you are one now and where you want to be in future. Work on your professional capabilities and skills and enhance them.


So, these were some of the things you can do whilst being stuck at home and in quarantine. Make optimum use of this lockdown. Stay home and spend a good time with your family.

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